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A Brief Profile of the Vineyard & the Company 

Lawrence Victor Dohnt, in his early 60's.

L. V. Dohnt & Co Pty Ltd, was established in 1932 by Lawrence Victor Dohnt. Its primary role is as a logging contractor.  L.V. Dohnt & Co has remained a family owned business currently under the Directorship of Mr Phillip Dohnt -  grandson of the founder.   Even though the company is a family owned business we operate under the principles of a public company and under the guidance and direction of a Board.
It has been with Phillip’s foresight that the company has diversified and expanded into vineyards and the development of the Lawrence Victor Estate Label.  Phillip honours the memory of his Grandfather, Lawrence Victor Dohnt. in producing such a high quality wine that is deserving of the L.V. Estate label.

The company's Brays Vineyard consists of Cabernet and Shiraz, and is located in the heart of the Coonawarra.  Lawrence Victor Estate has been a contract grower for Southcorp wines since 1994.


The 1998 vintage was of such high standard that the company decided to turn the long awaited dream of producing our own wines with our own label into reality.

Our first two wines produced, a Shiraz and a Cabernet Sauvignon in 1998 under our new label was both exciting and challenging. The response and support throughout Coonawarra and surrounding areas confirmed that we had reached the high standard for premium red wines that is now expected from the Coonawarra Wine Growing Region.

REO Truck carting printed case ends. Bundeleer 1935 Driver: Nat Dohnt

Shiraz grapes from our Brays vineyard


Since then, Lawrence Victor Estate has continued to provide high quality fruit for  SouthCorp and has produced premium wines under its' own label.



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